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Edna Ryan

Edna Ryan lived for 92 years and made the most of them as a political activist and participant in social and cultural events. When she died in 1997, those who had loved and worked with her set up the Edna Ryan Awards to recognise women who are prepared to make their lives political and live them to the full. Edna was loved and respected by a multitude of women who continue her work through the Women's Electoral Lobby of which she was a vital promoter.

Shannon Simons
Shannon Simons founded the Leichhardt Women's Community Health Centre in 1974.
She remained on the board until 1997, contributing the same energy and motivation with which she fought for the centre for over twenty years.

Eva Cox
Eva Cox was born in Vienna just before Hitler took over. As a refugee in Australia she became a feminist. She is an unbridled critic of society and women's prospects in it. Working as an academic, director of government and non-government bodies, organisations and an observer, she is called on to participate in key debates on social policy, feminism and power. Her ABC Boyer lectures were a catalyst for reflection on the need for social change in Australia. She was awarded an AO in the Queen's Birthday Honours.

Maybanke Anderson

Maybanke Anderson owned and edited a newspaper, The Woman's Voice, in 1894. She campaigned tirelessly and successfully for the right for Australian women to vote, for fair property and divorce laws, free kindergartens and children's playgrounds, adult sex education and for Federation. To support her family as a single parent she founded a school, which was noted for its high standards.