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Gay man killed stranger in sex act

A homosexual man who confided to a friend that he had killed another man five years earlier to satisfy his sexual desires was jailed yesterday.
Jamie Koeleman, 30, was sentenced to 19 years jail, with a 15-year non-parole period, after a Supreme Court jury found him guilty of murdering a 60-year-old sex partner on 7 October 1991.
Justice Philip Cummins said Koeleman, after viewing the Al Pacino film 'Cruising', in which an undercover policeman investigated homosexual killings, shared his secret with a friend whom he thought might share his excitement.
The friend told police who sent an undercover officer to meet Koeleman. After two meetings, Koeleman took the officer, believing him to be a kindred spirit, to the crime scene at Clifton Park, Brunswick.
Justice Cummins said Koeleman, formerly of McAllister Mews, Kensington, had a loyal and loving family, a nine-year relationship with his partner and had been a personal carer to ill and older people.
But he said Koeleman had a deep desire that led him to go cruising to select and kill a homosexual man, whose identity and right to life was of complete indifference to him.
He said the victim was stabbed five times in the back and twice in the heart.
"You said as you killed him 'You like this, faggot?' You enjoyed the exercise of power. You then left him to die," Justice Cummins said.
He said the crime went unsolved, but Koeleman's continuing desire for excitement led to the eventual revelation.
Justice Cummins said Koeleman, an intelligent person with no psychiatric illness, showed no remorse for his crime.

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