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The Dawson's Creek Soundtrack Chat at People Online (on AOL, keyword people) Wednesday, June 9th @ 6pm PST/9pm EST. Log on to chat with the rising new stars who appear on the Dawson's Creek Soundtrack Adam Cohen, PJ Olsson, Jessica Simpson & Sozzi  http//

Album To Benefit The Refugees Of Kosovo
The 16-track album, which will be released on June 15, will feature rare, live and previously unreleased special versions of songs by some of the most popular and acclaimed artists on the international music scene. The artists confirmed to appear on No Boundaries are Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, Alanis Morissette, Neil Young, Oasis, KoRn, Black Sabbath, Indigo Girls, Ben Folds Five, Peter Gabriel, The Wallflowers, Sarah McLachlan, Bush, Tori Amos, and Jamiroquai.

"The 'Dance House and Club Anthems' series has set the standard for compilations that represent the best in current dance music sounds. The next installment in the popular series - Volume 4 features 'Twisted', 'Greece 2000', 'Repeated Love', and 'White Treble Black Bass' to name a few. With more dancefloor monsters than fillers Volume 4 is set to be huge." MDS 1998

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"k.d. lang and her girlfriend Leisha Hailey of The Murmurs were spotted singing karaoke yes, karaoke at The Smog Cutter, a Filipino dive bar in Silver Lake, east of Hollywood. Apparently, the mild-mannered barkeeps had no idea who the ingenue was and congratulated k.d. after her turn at the mic, saying 'You're really good, you should be a professional!"

Curve magazine, May issue.

Dance party organises can face a $2200 fine for not supplying free water, according to the NSW Local Government Department. The department has learned of incidents of water supplies being blocked, tap heads removed and refilled water bottles confiscated by dance party promoters trying to increase water bottle sales. The new guidelines issued will also require promoters to provide one security staff member for every 150 people, a chill out area and need to notify the fire brigade and ambulance services 2 weeks prior to the event.

"Sunblock is the latest release to be on the ever increasingly stylish label, Ozone. It features 16 trax in all, being the 'creme del la creme' of Australian electronic music and is also an amalgamation of six of the countries top electronic labels - Ozone, Clan, If?, Gulp, Angels Trumpet and Off World Sounds. All tracks are very accessible and radio-friendly." MDS 1998

BELLOLUNA: Livid and Loving It
Belloluna are a sort of angora Cardigans, in the Ed Wood sense, bringing a camp sense to the often too-serious world of lounge music. Piano-based tunes with a full band and horns about topics such as wanting to be like Martha Stuart, drama queens, and ruined vocal chords.

Reviewed by Larry-bob; QueerZine Explosion #16

THE BUTCHIES: Are We Not Femme?
The members of the Butchies are Kaia, Melissa, and Alison. Kaia and Melissa used to be in Team Dresch. They address queer issues with songs like "The Galaxy is Gay" and "Ellen D." They connect with the roots of womyn's music with a cover of Cris Williamson's "Shooting Star." They get your feet moving with the catchy "Disco (Feminist Dance Mix).  PURCHASE NOW
Reviewed by Larry-bob; QueerZine Explosion #16

Ten songs sung by 10 drag queens
Among those here: Miss "Lady" Bunny, hostess of Wigstock, with "The Pussycat Song"; Varla Jean Merman gives an operatic reading of "White Rabbit"; Joey Arias performs in a vocal style reminiscent of Billie Holliday an original song of his own composition, "No One Knows." The other performers are Donna Giles, Antony, Pussy Tourette, Sherry Vine, Lily of the Valley, Raven-O, and Ebony Jet.

Reviewed by Larry-bob; QueerZine Explosion #16

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