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Marketing plans
We specialise in providing short and long-term marketing plans, which will give focus and direction to your business. Planning also forms the basis of your total marketing strategies.

Brochures and flyers
Developing from Concept, layout, artwork, copy, proof reading and printing.
Business cards & letterheads. Briefing and design from concept to finished art and printing.

Selecting and recommending the highest impact/low cost advertising mediums for your company.

Creative art direction, location, photo shoots, B&W/colour, proofs, recommendations.

Marketing campaigns
Planning, implementing and evaluating.

Direct mail
An effective tool in marketing your business including database management.

Email marketing
One of the fastest, most efficient ways to communicate your products and services to potential customers.

Web sites
Web development, design and upgrades. Recommendations for Isp's and web hosting.

Sales/Account management.
We offer services that include arranging and holding meetings with clients to increase sales and profitability. We can develop a campaign for you and pitch to potential customers on behalf of your company.
Once business is achieved, we can also maintain customer relations for you.

Database development.
Important to ensure the database you develop is targeted specifically at your consumer market.
Recommendations on list purchases as well as dbase creation to maximise effectiveness.

Customer loyalty programs and systems.
Consumer data capture, VIP cards, CRM (Customer relationship management), & B2B (business to business marketing).

Consumer and product research gives you a valuable insight into your business. Analysing of market studies to provide the information you need to understand consumer habits, purchases and decisions.

Idea generation
Brainstorming and developing new ideas and strategies for optimising your company's position in the market place.

Communication Brand strategy.
Helping identify where your products and services best fit in the market place for generating maximum profits.


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