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CMU Students meet the Muppets
(excerpt) by Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV Editor

Sesame Street" came to Carnegie Mellon University Thursday night as the traveling "Unpaved" tour gave students a behind-the-scenes look at how the show they grew up watching is produced.
One student asked puppeteer Steven Whitmire (the voice and puppeteer for Kermit and Ernie) about Internet rumors that Bert and Ernie are supposed to be a gay couple.
"They're puppets," he said. "They don't exist below the waist!"
Later, Whitmire appeared on stage with his Ernie puppet.
"All that stuff about me and Bert?" Ernie said. "It's not true. We're both very happy, but we're not gay."

SOURCE: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
September 12, 1998


The new Australian movie Head On, which depicts a day in the life of a young gay Greek man and includes explicit gay-sex scenes  is a box-office smash in the suburban multiplexes of Melbourne and Sydney, reports Melbourne Star Observer.
The film was third in box-office takings after its first week of general release, trailing Armageddon and Sliding Doors.

Sep 07, (c) Rex Wockner

Gay Exhibition in Cathedral

The gay exhibition Ecce Homo I reported of yesterday was a huge success.
10.000 persons filled the crowded cathedral at the three displays. The
announced demonstrations in front of the cathedral do not seem to have taken place. One person was seen with the word SHAME on a bandarol, but no organised demonstrations. It was a historic evening in Swedish religious and gay history. A major success for the artist Elisabeth Ohlson. And a victory for the female dean who in spite of massive protests kept supporting the event. In her introduction she devoted the evening to a colleague of hers who died of aids in 1993.
UK gay and lesbian activists have after having seen the photographs, which
are now available in a book, launched efforts to bring the exhibition to London.

Uppsala, Sweden. 20 September 1998

Ellen, Anne Crying 'Wolf'?

Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche say they are taking a career hiatus and pulling out of Los Angeles. The couple recently complained about being treated poorly in Hollywood after revealing their romance, and in Tuesday's Los Angeles Times DeGeneres says they've had enough. "We've quit our agents, let go of our publicist, we're selling our house and leaving town," she says. The former "Ellen" star, who became TV's first openly lesbian lead character, tells the Times she and Heche have decided "to take at least a year off" and suggests they might move to the town of Ojai or San Francisco.
Despite the pronouncement by the couple, Variety on Wednesday reports "They don't have the agent, still have the publicist and the house, and Heche was last seen driving through Burbank." According to their publicist Simon Halls, Heche taped the "Tonight" show Tuesday to plug this Friday's release of her movie "Psycho," and "the couple is not leaving town immediately, but is taking a break until February. Then they go back to work with DeGeneres doing a standup tour and Heche directing an HBO movie."

Source: People Online

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