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George Michael Talks

Pop star George Michael, who has long been wary of the media, is talking to the press about his arrest last spring on lewd conduct charges. "If I'm going to be remembered in America as the guy that got caught playing with himself in the toilet, then I want people to know my take on it," Michael tells USA Today. Michael, 35, doesn't deny his behavior but says police entrapped him with a "very cute" undercover cop who lured him into a public bathroom. Michael says eight policemen attacked him like a "SWAT team." Michael also thinks authorities punished him because they wanted to show they could be tough on celebrities. "I was a convenient celebrity to slap on the wrist," he says. Michael pleaded no contest, paid an $810 fine and agreed to 80 hours of community service.

SOURCE: People Online

Lisbon's 2nd Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

All the information regarding the retrospectives, the theaters, the tickets and paralel events may be found at:

The (Australian) Production

This is a comprehensive listing of most theatre venues in Australia - it's also got contact addresses and details for some film & television production companies

Heche Tape Missing

A tape of an "Entertainment Tonight" interview with actress Anne Heche is missing, and the show's lawyers want to know where it is. New York's Daily News reports that Heche did the interview to promote her new movie, "Psycho," and was asked to respond to rumors that she may have been romantically involved with co-star Vince Vaughn while making the film. A source tells the Daily News that Heche, who lives an openly gay life with Ellen DeGeneres, was insulted by the question, cut short the interview and left with the tape. But a Heche spokeswoman says the actress "finished the interview and never left with the tape and doesn't have it now." ET's lawyers are asking the actress what exactly happened.

SOURCE: People Online


To rocker Melissa Etheridge and her partner Julie Cypher (who carried the child), a 9-pound, 15-ounce boy named Beckett, last Wednesday, according to the New York Post. The couple already have a 21-month-old girl, Bailey. Etheridge and Cypher declined to disclose the father's identity.

SOURCE: People Online

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Thai officials still haven't decided if they will allow a remake of "The King and I" starring Jodie Foster to be shot in their country, reports Reuters. The Yul Brynner version of the movie never appeared in Thailand, because officials there found it insulting to their monarchy. There are similar complaints about the remake, and the Thai Film Board is to meet Monday to consider a revised script, an official said. One of the things that Thais didn't like about the Oscar-winning 1956 movie was seeing Brynner's character use chopsticks rather than a more regal spoon.

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